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Affiliate Rules and Holding Company Issues

  • D0612029 - Latest revisions to Affiliate Transaction Rules (Clean version) -- PDF
  • R.05-10-030: Oct. 27, 2005, PUC Opens Proceeding Concerning Relationship Between California Energy Utilities And Their Holding Companies And Non-Regulated Affiliates.
  • D0201037 Denies Holding Companies' (PGE, Edison and Sempra) request to dismiss PUC investigation.
  • D0201039 provides an initial interpretation of the "first priority" condition incorporated into decisions.
  • D9904069 - Grants Edison and other utilities a limited exemption from the disclaimer  requirment of Rule V.F.1 of the Affiliate Transaction Rules.  - PDF
  • D9812075 - Adopts enforcement of Affiliate Transaction Rules. 
  • D9808035  Modifies some of the Affiliate Transaction Rules of decision 97-12-088.   
    • Appendix A -- Affiliate Transaction Rules (with markup) -- PDF
    • Appendix B -- Affiliate Transaction Rules -- PDF  

  • D9712088  Adopts rules governing relationships between utilities and their affiliates.  
    • Appendix A, Affiliate Transaction Rules -- Word

  • R9704011  Rulemaking to establish standards of conduct governing relationships between California's natural gas local distribution companies and electric utilities and their affiliated, unregulated entities providing energy and energy-related services.   

For Information on Affiliate Rules and Affiliate Transaction Issues contact Will Maguire, Energy Division, at 415-703-2642, or by email at


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