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Crossing Authorizations

General Order 88-B

GO 88-B Authorizations to modify existing rail crossings are issued by CPUC Rail Crossings and Engineering Branch.  For specific authorizations, please refer to the lists of GO 88-B authorizations by year, and the GO 88-B authorization letters.

Formal Applications to Commission

Commisson authorizations to construct rail crossings are issued by the Commission based on the Rules of Practice and Procedure.

The Commission's Proceeding Search page can be used to find Proceedings. The proceeding is identified by the proceeding number, typically similar in format to: A1210010

The Commission's Decision Search page can be used to find Decisions that are signed by the Commission.  Decisions can include authorization for crossings that are requested as part of a Formal Application.

Resolutions Signed by the Commission

The Commission's Resolution Search page can be used to find Resolutions that are signed by the Commission.  Rail safety related resolutions have typically been assigned identification numbers of:

  • SX: Rail Crossing Safety
  • ST: Rail Transit Safety
  • SR or ROSB: Railroad Safety

Last Modified: 2/19/2015

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