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Electricity & Natural Gas Rates & Delivery

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Sample Electric and Gas Bills in 1999


For Rates as of April 1, 1999 (Sample_Bills, PDF)

These sample bill figures are based upon the same assumptions used by the Colorado PUC in its survey of other states around the country. The assumptions are as follows for each type of service.

Sample Bill Usage Assumptions

Residential -

  • Electric 500 kWh
  • Gas 120 CCF

Small Commercial -

  • Electric 1,500 kWh
  • Gas 120 CCF

Large Commercial -

  • Electric 10,000 kWh
  • Gas 602 CCF

Industrial -

  • Electric 400 MWh
  • Gas 6,024 MCF

Detailed Sample Bill Calculations

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Southern California Edison

Southern California Gas Company

San Diego Gas & Electric Company (not available at this time)

  • CCF: The abbreviation for 100 cubic feet of gas is a standard unit of measurement for natural gas.
  • Therm: A measurement of the heat energy in natural gas. A therm is the quantity of gas in 100 cubic feet (CCF) multiplied by the heat content of the gas. The heat content of natural gas can vary, but it is usually around one or 1.03.
  • MCF: One thousand cubic feet. Common unit for metering natural gas.
  • Natural Gas Web Link: If you'd like to learn more about natural gas and electric bill calculations, see the Middle Tennessee Natural Gas Utility District webpage.


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