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PUC User Fee

Commission determines annually the appropriate CPUC fee to be paid by the telecommunications carriers. This fee is based on the telecommunications carrier's gross intrastate revenue excluding inter-carrier sales, equipment sales and directory advertising. The purpose of this fee is to finance the Commission's annual operating budget.

Telecommunications carriers with annual gross intrastate revenues in excess of $750,000 are required to remit this fee on a quarterly basis by the 15th of April, July, October, and January. Telecommunications carriers with annual gross intrastate revenues of $750,000 or less shall remit the fee on an annual basis on or before January 15. Questions about this fee should be directed to CPUC's Budget Office at 415-703-2470.

Quarterly and Annual Fee Statements and Instructions for all telecommunications utilities are available for download (in PDF format only):








If you are unable to download any of these documents,  please contact Claudette Carolina-Blanson (email: ) for assistance. 


Last Modified: 6/30/2015

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