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Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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Mike Florio

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Press Room

December 17, 2014: Commissioner Florio Statement


August 22, 2012: All-Party Meeting on Commissioner Florio’s Alternate Proposed Decision Adopting Basic Telephone Service Revisions, Rulemaking 09-06-019, Regarding Revisions to the California High Cost Fund B Program


January 23, 2012: CPUC Commissioners Confirmed By State Senate


December 1, 2011: CPUC to Evaluate Telephone Service Performance Standards


December 1, 2011: CPUC Expands Gas Safety Enforcement Tools with New Citation Program 


October 6, 2011: CPUC Leads Industry with Ban on Use of Personal Electronic Devices by Rail Transit Operators


October 6, 2011: CPUC Lifts Pressure Restriction on PG&E's Topock Compressor Station 


September 8, 2011: CPUC Orders PG&E to Use Public Process to Request Authorization to Restore Pipeline Pressure to Previous Operating Levels


August 26, 2011: CPUC, Ahead Of Nation, Takes Next Step in Assuring Natural Gas Pipeline Safety


July 14, 2011: CPUC Takes Action to Promote Alternative-Fueled Vehicles


July 7, 2011: CPUC Elevates Pipeline Safety with Creation of New Risk Assessment Unit and More Inspectors


June 9, 2011: CPUC Orders All California Gas Transmission Operators to Test or Replace Pipeline Not Previously Pressure Tested


February 24, 2011: CPUC Begins Penalty Consideration Regarding PG&E Gas Pipeline Recordkeeping


February 24, 2011: CPUC to Set New Rules for Safe, Reliable Operation of State's Natural Gas Pipelines


February 18, 2011: CPUC Commissioner Florio Embarks On Listening Tour


Jan. 25, 2011: CPUC Welcomes New Commissioners Florio and Sandoval

Jan. 25, 2011: Gov. Brown Appoints Florio, Sandoval to CPUC


Press Clippings

November 24, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Calif. renewable energy goals come at a price

November 23, 2011: Santa Cruz Sentinel - SmartMeter opponents unfazed by opt-out option

November 16, 2011: Redding Record Searchlight - 'Green' or not, bad power deals aren't sustainable (EDITORIAL)

November 12, 2011: Associated Press - Analyst: bills rising due to overpriced renewables

November 10, 2011: GigaOm - Abengoa clears final hurdle to build expensive solar farm in Cali

November 10, 2011: Platts - California PUC approves 250-MW PG&E PPA with Abengoa solar thermal project

November 10, 2011: Forbes - California Approves High-Priced Mojave Solar Project Over Objections

November 1, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Did junked pipe end up in San Bruno? PG&E says no

October 10, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Cameras on Muni trains will monitor operator cell phone ban

October 6, 2011: Bay City News/KTVU News - CPUC bans cellphones used by train operators, requires cameras in train cabs

September 23, 2011: Platts - California PUC to launch interconnection reform rulemaking

September 21, 2011: KCET-TV News - PG&E Defends Lax Inspection of Natural Gas Plant in Desert

September 20, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - PG&E reassures state on Topock natural-gas test

September 19, 2011: KGO-TV News - PG&E has public hearing before increasing gas

September 8, 2011: KGO-TV News - CPUC changes rules on pipeline pressure increases

September 8, 2011: KTVU-TV News - CPUC orders PG&E to use public process before raising pipeline pressure

September 8, 2011: San Bruno Patch/Bay City News - CPUC Orders PG&E to Use Public Process Before Raising Pipeline Pressure

September 8, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - PG&E wants gas pressure restored

September 5, 2011: Associated Press - San Bruno scars remain for survivors, neighborhood

September 5, 2011: San Francisco Examiner - One year after San Bruno blast: When watchmen fall asleep at the switch

August 26, 2011: San Bruno Patch - Pipeline Safety Bill Clears Hurdle, Officials Go Public on Eve of NTSB Report

August 19, 2011: Platts - California PUC approves renewable auction mechanism

August 8, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - PG&E workers say safety warnings ignored

July 18, 2011: Pasadena Star-News - Edison gears up for EVs

July 7, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - CPUC to add 9 people to safety staff

June 17, 2011: Bay Citizen - Solar Panel Owners Can Start Earning Cash

June 9, 2011: San Diego Union-Tribune - CPUC tells gas utilities to test their pipelines

June 9, 2011: Dow Jones - California Regulators Order Tests For Aging Gas Lines

June 9, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Homes, firms can sell solar surplus to utilities

June 6, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - State regulators slam PG&E for seeking delay on welding records

May 25, 2011: Bay Citizen - Use Less, Pay More under PG&E's Proposed Rate Hike

May 20, 2011: Dow Jones - US DOT Chief: New Pipeline Safety Rules Due In August

May 11, 2011: Wall Street Journal - California Weighs Plan to Test Old Gas Lines

May 6, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - Experts support PG&E's plan to test pipes with water

May 5, 2011: Associated Press - Calif. OKs PG&E rate hike to pay for old meters

May 3, 2011: KPBS - Consumer Groups Hopeful About Brown’s Picks For Energy Board

April 13, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Brown signs law requiring 33% renewable energy

April 12, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - Brown signs ambitious renewable energy mandate into law

April 12, 2011: Menlo Park Patch - Simitian Renewable Energy Bill Signed Into Law

April 12, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - CPUC skeptical of gas-safety deal with PG&E

April 9, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - Regulators should throw the book at PG&E (EDITORIAL)

April 8, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - PG&E threatens to pull out of deal with state

April 5, 2011: Associated Press - Survivors of Calif explosion address regulators

April 5, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - PG&E, utilities board criticized in pipeline blast

March 24, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - Regulators may crack down on PG&E Thursday

March 9, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - PG&E faces fines, sanctions over pipeline records

February 24, 2011: KGO-TV News - CPUC to slap PG&E with fines, set new rules

February 24, 2011: Dow Jones - California Regulators Consider Penalizing PG&E Over Pipeline Explosion

February 24, 2011: Dow Jones - Calif. Regulators Agree To Beef Up Pipeline Safety Oversight

February 24, 2011: Sacramento Bee - PG&E faces big fine over gas pipeline records

February 24, 2011: San Bruno Patch - CPUC May Levy Penalties Against PG&E

February 24, 2011: Bloomberg - California Regulators May Fine PG&E for Gas Pipeline Blast

February 24, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - PUC to vote on new gas-pipeline reporting rules

February 21, 2011: San Francisco Examiner - Newly appointed CPUC commissioner kicks off tour to meet customers

January 28, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - State regulators agree to public hearing on San Bruno blast

January 26, 2011: San Mateo Daily Journal - Brown appoints two Bay residents to CPUC

January 26, 2011: San Francisco Chronicle - Brown names consumer advocate Mike Florio to PUC

January 26, 2011: Los Angeles Times - Brown names consumer advocate to utilities commission

January 25, 2011: San Jose Mercury News - Gov. Brown shows pro-consumer tilt in regulatory appointments

January 25, 2011: Bay Citizen - Consumer Advocates Appointed to Utilities Commission

January 25, 2011: Sacramento Bee - Brown names two to California PUC

January 25, 2011: North County Times - Brown names two to PUC

January 25, 2011: San Diego Union-Tribune - Consumer advocate and professor join PUC

January 25, 2011: Capitol Weekly - New appointments for PUC, Energy Commish

January 25, 2011: Dow Jones - California Governor Makes Changes At Utilities Commission

January 25, 2011: Central Valley Business Times - Brown names two to Public Utilities Commission


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