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 Muir Woods Joint Inspection - September 2, 2006

In a joint operation with California Highway Patrol (CHP) and National Park Service, the PUC conducted a surprise inspection at Muir Woods on Saturday, September 2, 2006,from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Seventeen buses were inspected by the CHP for safety compliance and the drivers were also interviewed by us for compliance with PUC rules and regulations and to check on permit status.  The PUC issued two misdemeanor warnings to a company for operating with a suspended PUC permit.  The PUC also interviewed two unmarked vans and issued two cease and desist letters to these operators for allegedly transporting passengers for-hire.  The CHP put two buses out of service, one for mechanical violations and one for a driver not possessing the proper California Driver's License to operate a bus.  It was a successful operation by all three agencies

In addition, the CHP completed 13 Bus inspections at the Muir Woods National Monument. There were 25 violations noted, which generated 10 citations. The violations included one driver's license, one drivers logbook, one lamp, two tire, two suspension, seven steering, and 11 other miscellaneous violations. One driver was placed out of service for operating a bus without the appropriate driver's license and one bus was placed out of service for an exhaust leak and deflated air bag suspension. Due to the efforts of all personnel involved the operation was very successful.


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