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714 Area Code History

The 714 area code was introduced in California in 1951 as a spin off from the 213 area code. In 1982 the 619 area code was split from the 714. In 1992 the 909 area code was split from the 714. The 949 area code was split from the 714 in April 1998.

In 1998, even with the introduction of the 909, numbering resources were projected to be exhausted by the first quarter of 2000. The CPUC began to explore options to ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers in the 714.

On March 18, 2000, the CPUC issued D.99-03-058, ordering an all services overlay for the 714 area code. This order required mandatory 1 + 10 digit dialing to begin on July 7, 2000 with telephone numbers in the new 657 area code to be assigned beginning October 7, 2000.

Approval of the 714 overlay along with others, especially the 310 overlay, prompted significant public controversy. The CPUC suspended the 714 overlay and ordered development and implementation of more efficient means of using numbering resources. (D.99-12-051).

In 2001, the CPUC Telecommunications Division (now the Communications Division) issued a report on the 714 area code. This report found that 714 area code was not fully utilized. At that time, of the 7.7 million useable numbers in the 714 area code, approximately 3.9 million, or slightly more than half, presently were not in use.

In 2006, on the basis of the October 2006 Number Resource and Utilization Forecast report and the CPUC’s own analysis it was predicted that the 714 would run out of new prefixes, and in turn numbers, by the fourth quarter 2008. NANPA and the industry held relief meetings in October 2006 and developed three relief options for the 714. These options were an overlay and two split alternatives. The CPUC held meetings for the public and local officials in January 2007 in Anaheim, Orange and Huntington Beach. 60% of the public attending either the meetings or providing feedback directly to the CPUC indicated that an overlay was preferred.

On March 9, 2007, NAMPA filed A.07-03-010, requesting an overlay as the mechanism for adding another area code. On September 20, 2007, the CPUC approved D.07-09-025 ordering an overlay for the addition of 657 as a new area code in the 714 as of twelve months from the date of the order or September 23, 2008. Ten + 1 digit dialing was ordered to be implemented. A permissive dialing period was ordered for five months from the date of the order or February 23, 2008 and a mandatory dialing period was ordered to begin 11 months from the date of the order – August 23, 2008. D.07-09-025 also ordered a public education plan to ensure that consumers in the 714 area would be fully informed of necessary adjustments to dialing patterns and to telecommunications-related equipment by the beginning of the mandatory dialing period.

The consumer education program is underway as of January 2008 with the first consumer notices scheduled to be received by customers on January 20, 2008.


Last Modified: 2/22/2008

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