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415 Area Code

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[415 區號] [有關415電話區號的公眾會議]

December 19, 2013: CPUC Approves New 628 Area Code Overlay to 415 Area Code To Meet Consumer Demand For New Numbers

On May 24, 2013, the North American Numbering Plan Administrator (NANPA) filed an application for a new area code.  The Commission has opened a proceeding (A1305013) to consider the NANPA’s application.  Information about the proceeding may be obtained through the docket card for the proceeding:

The Commission appreciates public feedback on this issue.  Please use this button to access the comment page:

415 Area Code -- Tell Us What You Think!

Public Meetings were held on January 16 and 17, 2013, in San Francisco and San Rafael.  At these meetings, the two options for introduction of the new area code 628 were discussed and explained.

  1. An all services overlay.  Under this option all existing 415 numbers would retain their 415 numbers.  The 628 area code would be introduced and numbers will be assigned with the new area code.  When the overlay is implemented, all calls made from 415 area code numbers will have to be dialed using one plus the area code and the phone number (1 415 xxx xxxx); and
  2. A split option.   
    This option splits San Francisco Central off from the remaining thirteen rate centers with the 415 area code.  While one side would get the 415 area code, the other side would get the 628 area code.  This option, however, would require special permission from the Federal Communications Commission as the two sides of the split would have remaining lives that would be very different.  The San Francisco Central side would need a new area code in 23 years while the remaining part of the 415 would need a new area code within 69 years.  In addition, this option violates the California Public Utilities Commission’s rule against splitting communities because San Francisco would have two area codes.

During the meetings, attendees asked questions and expressed their comments.  In particular, alarm companies and representatives of public safety answering points (911) spoke out favoring the overlay option.

June 16, 2014: CPUC Offers Reminder of New Dialing Procedure for Consumers with 415 Area Code


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