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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Utility Complaint

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If you have a complaint about your utility bill or services and talking with your utility company does not resolve the problem, you can file a complaint with the CPUC. 

The fastest way to file a complaint is using our online complaint form.  If possible, please scan a copy of your bill and attach it to your online complaint.

Please be aware that the CPUC cannot help you resolve issues with:

  • Publicly owned or municipal utilities, such as SMUD or the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Federal, city, or county taxes and surcharges on your bills.
  • Long-distance telephone, cable TV, cellular phone rates, paging, or Internet rates and services.

The CPUC also cannot award claims for damages or help you determine a utility’s alleged negligence or liability.  If you cannot resolve this type of problem with the utility directly, you can file a claim in civil court.

If you do not want to file your complaint online, download our complaint form with instructions.  It includes information on our informal and formal complaint procedures, along with Alternative Dispute Resolution program.

 If you have any questions about the complaints process, you can call us at 1-800-649-7570.

For more information on how the CPUC can help you resolve issues, please see Do You Have a Question or Complaint?

If you want to ask a question or submit a complaint about your phone, electricity, gas or water company in Spanish, please call 1-800-649-7570, so that a Consumer Affairs Representative can assist you.

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta o desea presentar una queja en contra de la compañía telefónica, luz, gas o agua, por favor llame al 1-800-649-7570, y un representante de Asuntos del Consumidor le atenderá en español.

如果你对你的电话,电力, 煤气, 自来水 公司 有任何疑问 或意见, 请打中文服务电话1-800-649-7570。 我们的消费者服务代表可以帮你解决。

如果你對你的電話,電力, 煤氣,或自來 水 公司 有任何疑問 或投訴要講中文請電 1-800-649-7570。我們的消費者服務代表可以幫助你解决。


Last Modified: 1/18/2013

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