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CPUC and Consumers

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The CPUC and Consumers

The CPUC regulates many of California’s privately-owned utilities and transportation companies.   We can help you resolve billing, service, and safety issues with these companies. 

For more consumer information, organized by industry, see the pages listed below:

  • Energy:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned electric and gas utilities, and promotes programs to help consumers improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.
  • Telephone:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned telecommunications providers, and promotes programs to provide telephone service to low income families.
  • Water:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned water and sewer utilities, and promotes programs to help consumers conserve water and lower their water bills.
  • Moving companies:  The CPUC licenses and regulates companies that move household goods in California.
  • Limos, shuttles, and buses:  The CPUC licenses and regulates private “passenger carriers,” such as limousines, airport shuttles, and charter bus companies. 

The CPUC also regulates railroads and light rail, to ensure the safety of rail workers and the general public.  Our Rail Safety work includes monitoring highway-rail crossings, ensuring light rail and cable car systems meet public safety requirements, and investigating rail accidents.

For more information about common questions and complaints, see Do You Have a Question or Complaint?


Last Modified: 3/9/2009

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