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CPUC and Consumers

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The CPUC and Consumers

The CPUC regulates many of California’s privately-owned utilities and transportation companies.   We can help you resolve billing, service, and safety issues with these companies. 

For more consumer information, organized by industry, see the pages listed below:

  • Energy:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned electric and gas utilities, and promotes programs to help consumers improve their energy efficiency and lower their energy bills.
  • Telephone:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned telecommunications providers, and promotes programs to provide telephone service to low income families.
  • Water:  The CPUC regulates privately-owned water and sewer utilities, and promotes programs to help consumers conserve water and lower their water bills.
  • Moving companies:  The CPUC licenses and regulates companies that move household goods in California.
  • Limos, shuttles, and buses:  The CPUC licenses and regulates private “passenger carriers,” such as limousines, airport shuttles, and charter bus companies. 
  • The CPUC also regulates railroads and light rail, to ensure the safety of rail workers and the general public.  Our Rail Safety work includes monitoring highway-rail crossings, ensuring light rail and cable car systems meet public safety requirements, and investigating rail accidents.

For more information about common questions and complaints, see Do You Have a Question or Complaint?


Last Modified: 3/9/2015

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