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PUC Decisions & Proceedings


RPS Proceedings
R.11-05-005 - Continues implementation and administration of the California RPS

R. 01-10-024 - Established policies and cost recovery mechanisms for generation procurement and renewable resource development
R. 04-04-026 - Implemented the California RPS
R. 06-05-027 - Continues implementation and administration of the California RPS
R. 06-02-012 - Develops additional methods to implement the California RPS
R. 08-08-009 - Continues implementation and administration of the California RPS

Relevant Decisions and Rulings
Pre-RPS Decisions establishing "interim" renewable procurement:


General Procurement Decisions with renewable elements:




Decisions in the RPS Orders Instituting Rulemaking and Transmission Order Instituting Investigation (please note that this list is not comprehensive):

D.03-06-071 – Establishes policy rules within six months of legislative effective date, per statute. Modified by D.03-12-065
D.04-06-013 – Establishes Transmission Cost Adder methodology for bids
D.04-06-014 – Establishes Standard Contract Terms and Conditions
D.04-06-015 – Establishes Market Price Referent methodology
D.04-07-029 – Establishes Least Cost/Best Fit bid ranking criteria
D.05-05-011 – Establishes REC ownership for DG system owners
D.05-07-039 – Approves IOUs' 2005 Short-Term Procurement Plans
D.05-10-014 – Approves Long-Term RPS Procurement Plans
D.05-11-025 – Establishes CPUC RPS jurisdiction over ESPs, CCAs and small IOUs 
D.05-12-042 – Adopts methodology for 2005 Market Price Referent. Modified by D.07-09-024
D.06-05-039 – Approves IOUs' 2006 Short-Term Procurement Plans
D.06-10-019 – Sets the ground rules for the participation of ESPs and CCAs. Modified by D.07-07-025. D.07-07-025 was modified by D.09-11-014.
D.06-10-050 – Opinion on reporting and compliance methodology. Modified by D.07-03-046, D.09-11-014, and D.11-01-106.  
D.07-02-011 – Accepts procurement plans for 2007 RPS solicitations
D.07-05-028 – Sets rules regarding the use of short term contracts. Modified by D.07-07-044
D.07-07-027 – Adopts tariffs and standard contracts for water, wastewater, and other customers generating RPS-eligible electricity
D.08-02-008 – Approves IOUs' procurement plans for 2008 RPS solicitations
D.08-04-009 – Re-compiles Standard Terms and Conditions
D.08-05-029 – RPS Participation of Small and Multi-Jurisdictional Utilities. Modified by D.09-11-014.
D.08-08-028 - Definition and attributes of RECs for compliance with the CA RPS
D.08-10-026 - MPR methodology for 2008 and beyond
D.09-06-018 - Approves IOUs' procurement plans for 2009 RPS solicitations and integrated resource plan supplements
D.09-06-050 - Establishes price benchmarks and contract review processes for short-term and bilateral contracts
D.10-03-021 - Authorizes tradable renewable energy credits for RPS compliance. Stayed by D.10-05-018. Resolved by D.11-01-025
D.10-12-048 - Adopts the Renewable Auction Mechanism'
D.11-01-026 - Revises rules for the Renewables Portfolio Standard pursuant to Senate Bill 695.
D.11-04-030 - Approves IOUs' procurement plans for 2011 RPS solicitations and integrated resource plan supplements
D.11-12-020 - Establishes Procurement Quantity Requirements for Retail Sellers
D.11-12-052 - Decision Implementing RPS Portfolio Content Categories

D.12-05-035 - Decision Revising Feed-In Tariff Program, Implementing Amendments to Public Utilities Code Section 399.20

D.12-06-038 - Decision Setting Compliance Rules for the Renewables Portfolio Standard Program

D.12-11-016 - Decision Conditionally Accepting 2012 Renewables Portfolio Standard Procurement Plans

D.13-05-034 - Decision Adopting Joint Standard Contract for Section 399.20 Feed-In Tariff Program and Granting, in Part, Petitions for Modification of Decision 12-05-035

D.13-11-024 - Decision Conditionally Accepting 2013 Renewables Portfolio Standard Procurement Plans and Integrated Resource Plan and On-Year Supplement

Last Modified: 4/29/2014

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