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PUC's Symposium: Improving the Efficiency of California Water and Energy Systems

Agenda  & Presentations:

  • Gary Wolff, Principal Economist, Pacific Institute - Introduce the interrelationship between energy and water. Opportunities for policies that can promote energy-saving solutions; discussion of energy use model prepared by Mr. Wolff to help water utilities identify and track their energy usage.
  • Lorraine White, Advisor to Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Vice Chair, California Energy Commission - Current baseline assumptions in the state's Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) and Water Energy Research (WER).
  • Mary Ann Dickinson, Executive Director, California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC) - Overview of the current and proposed CUWCC Best Management practices.
  • Bill McDonnell, Senior Resource Specialist, Metropolitan Water District - Overview of MWD's successful experience with implementing best management practices which enable improved water and energy efficiency and conservation.
  • Bob Kinert, Manager, Integrated Demand Side Management Program Services, Pacific Gas & Electric - How PG&E is working with water utilities to take advantage of demand response and efficiency opportunities.
  • David Bruder, Nonresidential Portfolio Manager, Southern California Edison - How is SCE working with water utilities to coordinate water conservation and water efficiency programs?
  • Matt Puffer, Administrative Analyst-Water Conservation, Golden State Water - Golden State Water's energy efficiency program experiences.
  • Nancy Jenkins, Manager, Energy Efficiency Research Office, California Energy Commission - A summary of current and planned water energy research at the California Energy Commission as part of the Public Interest Research Program (PIER). A description of the water energy implementation programs being administered at the Energy Commission.
  • Lon House, Consultant, Water and Energy Consulting - A model for identifying the primary areas for reducing energy costs of water utilities. The model identifies the operational and equipment modifications which will best reduce energy costs.
  • David Morse, Independent Consultant - A history of regulatory disincentives; identify need for incentives such as a revenue adjustment mechanism.
  • David Stephenson, Rates and Revenue Director, American Water - Ratemaking disincentives, and proposed improvements in water rate design which would provide incentives for saving energy.
  • Kevin Coughlan, Director, CPUC Water Division - Review primary action points from PUC Water Action Plan. Identify regulatory opportunities and barriers in implementing energy savings measures for water utilities, including metering and pumping efficiencies.
  • Transcript of the Symposium is available.

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