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2012 Communication Infrastructure Providers (CIPs) Audits

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AT&T				Los Angeles Region		February 21, 2012	Report
Horizon Cable TV		Horizon				March 5, 2012		Report
AT&T				San Francisco and Alameda	April 3, 2012		Report
Verizon				Los Angeles County		April 23, 2012		Report
Cox Communications		North San Diego County		May 14, 2012		Report
Charter Communications		San Gabriel Valley		July 31, 2012		Report
Verizon Wireless		Los Angeles County		September 4, 2012	Report
Catalina Cable TV		Catalina			September 12, 2012	Report
Bright House Network		Bakersfield			November 13, 2012	Report

Last Modified: 12/17/2012

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