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Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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Electric and Communication Facility Safety Section

The CPUC has jurisdiction over the safety of overhead and underground electric and communications line construction of all investor-owned utilities, co-ops and municipalities (see the State of California Public Utilities Code, Sections 315, 768, 8037, and 8056).  As part of the Electric Safety and Reliability Branch, the Electric and Communication Facility Safety Section (ECFSS) enforces General Orders (GO) 95, 128, 165, 166, and 174 for overhead and underground electric and communications facilities.

ECFSS Programs

Safety Information

  • REPORT AN ELECTRIC INCIDENT (for utility company use)  
  • Important Safety Tips on excavation, down conductors and overloaded poles.
  • Tree Trimming Safety Information - CPUC and California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection (CDF) provides basic information on trees near power lines.  This information is also available as a brochure in MS Word format.
  • General Orders
    •  GO 95   - Rules for Overhead Electric Line Construction  
    •  GO 128 - Rules for Construction of Underground Electric Supply and Communication Systems
    •  GO 165 - Inspection Requirements for Electric Distribution and Transmission Facilities
    •  GO 166 - Standards for Operation, Reliability, and Safety During Emergencies and Disasters
    •  GO 174 - Rules for Electric Utility Substations

Utilities Annual GO 165 Reports

G.O. 165 was adopted by the Commission on March 31, 1997, and applies to all electric distribution and transmission facilities (excluding those facilities contained in a substation) that come within the jurisdiction of this Commission, located outside of buildings, including electric distribution and transmission facilities that belong to non-electric utilities.  The requirements of this order are in addition to the requirements imposed upon utilities under General Orders 95 and 128 to maintain a safe and reliable electric system.  GO 165 requires each utility to submit to the commission an annual maintenance report describing its maintenance schedule for the coming year, no later than July 1st .   


You can access past utilities reports by clicking here.

CPUC Staff Annual Reports and More

CPUC staff annually publishes reports to summarize its activities in promoting safety for electric distribution systems.  These reports are available for most years since 1997.  Some reports may contain both electric and gas information.



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