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Filing a Language Access Complaint
Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission
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Transportation and Utility Enforcement Branch

The Enforcement Branch of the Safety and Enforcement Division investigates alleged or apparent violations of the Public Utilities Code, other state laws, and Commission regulations by stationary utilities (telephone, cellular, electric, gas, and water), household goods carriers (moving companies) transporting household goods within California, and Passenger Carriers. These investigations typically involve consumer fraud, false or misleading advertising, bait-and-switch tactics, unfair and unlawful business practices, and unsafe or uninsured operations. When sufficient evidence of violations is uncovered, the Special Agents of the Enforcement Branch usually have a wide variety of remedies from which to choose, in three general categories: administrative, criminal, and civil.

  • Passenger Enforcement Unit
  • Household Goods Enforcement Unit
  • Information and Complaints about Household Goods Movers

    Units within the Enforcement Branch conduct all investigations, and (in conjunction with the Legal Division) all administrative, criminal and civil litigation for the Consumer Services Division. These are the Utility Enforcement Unit, and the Passenger/Household Goods Enforcement Unit.


    For Enforcement Branch news releases or to obtain information on consumer related Commission OIIs and Decisions, please visit our documents section.


    Last Modified: 10/11/2013

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