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A Message to Plant Managers:

Please Access CAISO’s SLIC Database to Confirm Whether Your Plant is Available 

The Electric Generation Safety And Reliability Section (EGSRS) has noticed that Schedule Coordinators (SCs) occasionally report a plant’s status incorrectly in the California Independent System Operator’s (CAIS0’s) Scheduling, Logging/California (SLIC) program.  In particular, EGSRS has noticed that SC’s enter plants in SLIC as unavailable, when in fact those units were available, perhaps because SCs and plants miscommunicate.  As a result, the ISO can’t dispatch those units, leading to possible lost Megawatts to the California grid and possible lost profits to your company.  Consequently, the EGSRS recommends that each Plant Manager check SLIC every day. That way, you can ensure that SLIC accurately records your plant’s availability, especially during peak demand periods. 

The CAISO agrees monitoring SLIC at the power plant level may help in consistency of generator outage reporting and resource availability.  Plant Managers may request access to SLIC by contacting their SCs primary contact for the CAISO.  The ISO can grant you “read only” access to view outage details for your specific generating plant.   Because you can’t see other units operated by your scheduling coordinator, there should be no objection from your SC. Once your SLIC access has been approved the CAISO can assist you in installation and access to SLIC.


Last Modified: 7/3/2014

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