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Emerging Procurement Strategies


EPS Programs

Climate Change Coordination

The Emerging Procurement Strategies Section helps coordinate the CPUC's many programs and actions that address climate change, and we also coordinate with a range of state agencies.

Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade

The CPUC is actively helping the California Air Resources Board develop and administer the AB 32 Cap and Trade Program. In particular, the CPUC is focused on ensuring that efforts to redue GHG emissions from the electricity and natural gas sectors are effective, equitable, and conducive to economic growth in California.

Alternative-Fueled Vehicles

The CPUC is involved in developing strategies for California's expected growth of Alternative-Fueled Vehicles, which will have a significant impact on the state's electric infrastructure.

Combined Heat and Power

The CPUC has programs to support the deployment of Combined Heat and Power recognizing the potentially substantial contributions CHP can make to the state's energy needs and greenhouse gas mitigation objectives.

Research and Development

The CPUC provides oversight and ongoing support for the development and deployment of new and emerging energy technologies throughout California through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program and Clean Energy Systems for the 21st Century (CES 21) Program.


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Staff Contacts

We are happy to answer questions from the public.

For general questions about the Emerging Procurement Strategies Section, please contact Melicia Charles (415-355-5502) - supervisor, Emerging Procurement Strategies.

Press Inquiries should be directed to Terrie Prosper at 415-703-2160.

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