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ElectroMagnetic Fields

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The seven interim measures ordered in the CPUC's November 1993 decision are:

  • No-cost and low-cost steps to reduce EMF levels:  When regulated utlities design new projects or upgrade existing facilities, approximately 4% of the project's budget may be used for reducing EMFs.  The CPUC did not set specific reduction levels for EMFs .  It was inappropriate to set a specific numerical standard until a scientific basis for doing so exists.
  • New designs to reduce EMF levels:  The CPUC's Advisory and Compliance Division and Safety Division held workshops for utilities to develop EMF design guidelines for new and rebuilt facilities.  The guidelines incorporate alternative sites, increase the size of rights-of-way, place facilities underground, and use other suggested methods for reducing EMF levels at transmission, distribution and substation facilities.
  • Measurement of EMFs:  Uniform residential and workplace EMF measurement programs were also designed in the workshops; they are available to utilities and their customers.  Other utilities are also encouraged to use them.
  • Education and Research:  The CPUC wants the public and groups having a financial or basic interest in EMFs to become involved in developing education and research programs;  these programs are established and managed by the DHS.  CPUC-regulated utilities and municipal utilities use ratepayer funds to pay for their share of development costs for the following programs:
  • This $1.49 million program will provide credible, meaningful , consistent, and timely EMF information to electric utility customers, employees, and the public.  DHS will coordinate a uniform EMF education program to supplement, but not duplicate, those that most electric utilities already have.  Utilities without programs shoud implement one as soon as possible.
  • A $5.6 million four-year non-experimental research program will be directed by DHS.  This program will provide utility participation in state, national, and international research to be pursued to the extent that it benefits ratepayers.
  • Other Research:  Utilities are authorized to contribute to federal experimental research conducted under the National Energy Policy Act of 1992.

Last Modified: 10/24/2007

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