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Filing a Language Access Complaint
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Procurement Authorizations

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LTPP Bundled Plans

The list of documents below includes the principle LTPP filings from each utility. However, there may be additional exhibits, work papers, and supplemental testimony available from each utility. Parties should contact each utility to receive copies of any LTPP documents not listed below.  The bundled LTPPs are intended to replace all previous versions of the Short-Term and Long-Term Bundled Procurement Plans.

2010 LTPP

Original Bundled Plans (Public, Redacted Versions) April 2011 (PDF):

2006 LTPP

Conformed Long-Term Procurement Plan Advice Letters (Public, Redacted Versions):

Original Long-Term Procurement Plans (Public, Redacted Versions), December 11, 2008:

These links are to files, some in excess of 20mb.


Last Modified: 5/9/2011

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