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Renewable Integration Workshops

Nov 30, 2010: Renewable Integration Workshop #3

Draft Agenda

Updated Presentation from Clean Power Research on Solar PV Variability

Updated CAISO Presentation: Continued Assessment of Statistical Model (Step 1) and Selected Production Simulation (Step 2) Results

PG&E Comparison of CAISO and PG&E Step 2 Results

Oct 22, 2010: Renewable Integration Workshop #2


CAISO Mapping of Location and Profiles Used in One-minute Analysis

CAISO Mapping of Location and Profiles Used in Hourly Analysis

CAISO Comparison of Calculated Regulation/ Load Following Quantities with Actual Quantities, Summer 2010

CAISO 33% RPS Study Step 1 Input Profile Data 

PG&E Presentation on Renewable Integration Model Step 2

Notice of Availability of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (U 39 E) Renewable Integration Model Results

Technical Appendices for CAISO Integration Studies, Version 1

CAISO Presenatation on Technical Appendices Relevant to 33% Integration Study


Aug. 24-25, 2010: Renewable Integration Workshop

The following materials regard the August 24-25, 2010, workshop discussing the California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO’s) and Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) Renewable Integration analysis modeling methodologies.

Workshop Agenda

CPUC Staff Proposed Data Needs from Renewable Integration Models

CAISO Study of Operational Requirements and Market Impacts at 33% RPS: Proposed Methodology and Selected Simulation Results

CalWEA Comments

TURN Comments

WPTF Comments

PG&E Presentation on Renewable Integration Model

PG&E Written Description of Renewable Integration Model, as Served on Service Lists on 8-16-10   

CAISO and PG&E Contact Emails for Follow-up Questions Regarding Models


Last Modified: 11/30/2010

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