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In 2002, Senate Bill 1078 established the RPS program, requiring 20% renewable energy by 2017.    

The 2003 Energy Action Plan I accelerated the 20% deadline to 2010. 
Senate Bill 107 (2006) codified the accelerated deadline into law.

The 2005 Energy Action Plan II examined a further goal of 33% by 2020.

Assembly Bill 200 (2005) modified some requirements for electric corporations that serve customers outside of California and have 60,000 or fewer customer accounts in California.

Executive Order S-06-06 (2006) established targets to increase the production and use of bioenergy.

Assembly Bill 1969 (2006) requires electrical corporations to purchase, at a CPUC set price, renewable energy output from public water and wastewater facilities up to 1 MW.

Senate Bill 1036 (2007) modifies the Supplemental Energy Payments process, and will be effective July 1, 2008.


Last Modified: 1/20/2009

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