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March 30, 2009 Public Meeting

Rulemaking Regarding Whether, or Subject to What Conditions, the Suspension of Direct Access May Be Lifted Consistent with AB 1X and Decision 01-09-060. (R.07-05-025)

March 30, 2009
1pm  - 5 pm
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue, Courtyard Room
(Corner of Van Ness Avenue and McAllister Street)
San Francisco

Pursuant to the February 4, 2009 Assigned Commissioner and Administrative Law Judge’s Ruling regarding implementation measures for Phase II (A)(2) of R.07-05-025, Energy Division staff will facilitate this meeting of the Working Group established to develop protocols and strategies for negotiating replacement power contracts to substitute DWR with the Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs).

The purpose of this meeting is to begin the process of developing protocols and strategies for prioritizing and scheduling of negotiations for replacement contracts in accordance with the principles and priorities adopted in D.08-11-056.  Furthermore, as directed by the February 4 Ruling, this meeting will include discussion of the timing, frequency and content of periodic progress reports to advise the Assigned Commissioner and ALJ as to whether, or to what the extent, it is proposed that negotiations on a given contract be discontinued, that priorities be redirected, or that negotiating strategies be revised. This meeting will also consider the requirements for approval of the Tier 3 Advice Letters and the implications of those requirements for documenting the negotiation process and the contents of the Tier 3 Advice Letters.

Energy Division staff will provide an agenda to parties on the service list for R.07-05-025 prior to start of the meeting.  Please contact Jake Wise at (415) 703-1677 or for more information on the meeting. 


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