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ESP Reminders

Section 394.5 Notice filing due July 1st of each year.  ESPs serving residential and/or small commercial customers file Section 394.5 Notices and any change notices used during the first half of the year.  ESPs that either (1) only serve residential and/or small commercial accounts as part of a large customer contract (incidental load, as explained at pp. 76-77.  Conclusion of Law 19, and Ordering Paragraph 17 of D.99-05-34) or (2) did not market their services or change service to existing customers instead send a letter explaining how (1) or (2) above applies to the ESP, signed by a person with authority to bind the entity. 

Annual Fee due every FALL.

The CPUC in Resolution M-4797, Ordering Paragraph 1, adopted an annual fee of $1,000 for the year beginning September 1, 1999 for registered Electric Service Providers of record on that date. This fee shall continue to be charged to the registered ESPs on an annual basis on September 1 of subsequent years until modified. The Annual Fee with Statement is billed by the Energy Division and due as indicated after September 1st of each year.


Report changes using appropriate pages of the last submitted Application Update Form and Return by Electronic Mail to:

Any material change in the information required by the ESP Application Form shall be provided to the PUC within 60 days, except for any change in the ESP's telephone number or address, which must be reported within five days of such a change. (P.U. Code Section 394.1(d) and CPUC Decision no. 99-05-034 Ordering Paragraph 15.)



Last Modified: 9/12/2015

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