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Proposed Scope and Schedule for R.06-03-004


Scope (as described in R.06-03-004)

1. Cost-Benefit Analyses for customer and utility installations

2. SGIP Rules and Management

3. CSI Program Rules and Policies

a. Performance-based incentives

b. Federal tax incentives

c. Solar Technologies other than PV

d. Energy Efficiency Standards

e. Administration for residential retrofit program

f. Advanced metering requirements

g. Marketing and outreach

h. Research, development and demonstration (RD&D)

i. Financing Assistance for low-income

j. Program evaluation

4. Participation by small multi-jurisdictional utilities (SMJUs)

5. Treatment of DG output for RPS purposes

Tentative Schedule

Phase I
Topics (Scope item 3):

a. Performance Based Incentives

b. Federal Tax Incentives

c. Solar Technology other than PV

d. Energy Efficiency Requirements

e. Administration of Residential Retrofit

f. Advanced metering Requirements


  • Workshop on items a. and b. -- March 16
  • Ruling with Staff Proposal on topics a. through f. – April 15
  • Comments by parties -- May 1
  • Reply Comments -- May 15
  • Draft decision on Phase I topics -- June 20

Phase II
Topics (Scope items 1, 3 and 5):

a. Marketing and Outreach

b. RD&D

c. Financing/Low Income

d. Program evaluation

e. Treatment of DG for RPS (Scope item 5)

f. Cost-Benefit Methodology (Scope item 1)


  • Workshops on issues a. through d. above (if needed) -- July/August
  • Ruling with Staff Proposal on topics a. through d. -- September 8
  • Comments -- Sept. 22
  • Reply Comments – Oct. 6
  • Hearings on issue e. (if needed) – August 14-15
  • Briefs -- Sept. 1
  • Reply briefs – Sept. 11
  • Proposed Decision on items a. through e. – Nov. 14
  • Ruling with staff proposal on issue f. (cost/benefit) – June 2
  • Comments -- June 23
  • Reply Comments – July 7
  • Proposed Decision on item f.(cost/benefit) – Sept. 19

Other Discussion Questions

  • How/when should we address issues surrounding SMJU's?
  • What issues need to be addressed regarding SGIP Management?
  • Are evidentiary hearings needed on any material factual disputes?
  • Which topics are appropriate for workshop as opposed to hearing?
  • How and when do we address revising the program handbook?

Last Modified: 1/5/2009

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