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Cap and Trade Program

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GHG Cap-and-Trade - Information for Industrial Customers


If you are an industrial customer or an emission-intensive trade-exposed (EITE) customer interested in learning about how the Cap-and-Trade Program affects your electricity rates, please take a look at the following resources and check this page for more updates in Spring 2014.

  • R.11-03-012 - CPUC proceeding that sets overarching policies, including how industrial customers will be affected by greenhouse gas costs in electricity rates.
  • D.12-12-033 - Decision establishing policy principles and overall rules about how Cap-and-Trade-related costs and allowance revenues should affect electricity customers.
  • Staff Proposal - Energy Division proposal on methodolgies to allocate GHG allowance revenue to emissions intensive and trade exposed entities.

Last Modified: 3/21/2014

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