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Energy Efficiency

California has led the nation in energy efficiency programs since the 1970s. Due to the state’s efficiency programs, per capita energy use has remained flat, while the rest of the US has increased by about 33 percent.

The CPUC regulates ratepayer-funded energy efficiency programs. The CPUC works with the investor-owned utilities, other program administrators, and vendors to develop programs and measures to transform technology markets within California using ratepayer funds.

CPUC's Energy Efficiency Primer - January 2015

CPUC’s Energy Efficiency Statistics site (EEStats) for viewing up-to-date savings, budgets and expenditures, and cost effectiveness of California’s EE programs (Click on image below)

Energy Efficiency Regulatory and Legislative Activity

Energy Efficiency Proceeding Activity

CPUC, CEC, ISO letter to Senators Padilla and Fuller regarding energy efficiency - January 31, 2014

Decision Authorizing Energy Efficiency Programs for 2013-14

AB758 – Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Program for Existing Buildings

How to Become a Party to Energy Efficiency Proceedings

Energy Efficiency Publications

California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan

Energy Efficiency Annual Progress Evaluation, August 2012 - A Commission staff report on statewide energy efficiency progress

Energy Efficiency Evaluations - Available on CalMac



IOU Annual Reports - Individual IOU reports on their EE programs; Available on the California Energy Efficiency Statistics website

Information for Consumers

Energy Upgrade California - Learn how you can save energy, money, and be more comfortable in your home

Flex Alerts - Help California save energy when it’s needed the most

New Vendor Inquiries - IOU processes for considering new energy efficiency technology and program ideas 

Recent News and Quick Links

Energy Efficiency News and Information

2010-2012 Energy Efficiency Evaluation Report issued April 8, 2015 provides detailed evaluation updates of energy efficiency savings and goals accomplishments for California investor owned utilities. See EM&V section for more information.

Rulemaking R.13-11-005 - Establishes a proceeding in which to fund the current energy efficiency portfolios through 2015, implement energy efficiency "rolling portfolios", and address various related policy. 

Phase I Decision - October 27, 2014; Compliance Filing Corrections from Decision - November 11, 2014

Phase II Scoping - Feburary 24, 2015

Baseline Characterization Market Effects Study of Investor-Owned Utility  Residential and Small Commercial HVAC Quality Installation and Quality Improvement Programs in California (Work Order 054)

HVAC Impact Evaluation FINAL Report

LED Impact Evaluation Report

California Upstream and Residential Lighting Impact Evaluation Work Order 28 (WO28) Final Report

Events, Meetings, and Workshops

13-14 Lighting Related EM&V Research Plan Public Webinar – April 6, 2015


2015 Potential Study Draft Results and Comments Webinar - April 21, 2015


Staff will be hosting a webinar on April 21, Tuesday to provide a venue to discuss comments to the 2015 Potential Study draft results. The goal of the webinar is to have a venue for stakeholders to see the comments from all stakeholders grouped by topic (e.g. Res/Com, AIMS, modeling, etc.). The webinar will also be a venue for stakeholders to elaborate on their comments if they feel necessary. In addition, the CPUC and Navigant will provide some initial responses to the comments. Please understand the scope of the discussion will focused on existing comments about the draft results and technical topics. Any big picture policy issues will be deferred to the formal proceeding and formal comment period. Staff and Navigant may not have responded to all the comments by the date of the webinar but will do the best to provide feedback.


Tentative Agenda


1:00-1:10: Introduction and Overview

1:10-2:45: Discussion organized by topics (e.g. Res/Com, AIMS, modeling, etc.).

2:45- 3pm: Next steps


Webinar info:
Teleconference: Call-in toll-free number: 1-866-227-0668  (US)
Conference Code: 830 499 0097

Workshop on Energy Efficiency Baselines


April 28, 2015, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

CPUC Auditorium

Call in: 866-778-046, Code: 3664376

Webex: Meeting Number 744 860 243 , Meeting Password: !Energy1


Meeting agenda (link)


The purpose of this workshop is to provide parties to R.13-11-005 the opportunity to provide input on the energy efficiency baseline policies and the analyses being prepared by Energy Division and Navigant Consulting in response to D.14-10-046.



Quick Links to Energy Efficiency Program Tools

CA Energy Efficiency Evaluation Protocols – Direction on how

programs are evaluated


California Energy Efficiency Statistics – Repository of utility-submitted reports to CPUC

CA Measurement Advisory Council (CALMAC)  - Library of program evaluation and research reports on EE and other clean energy programs

CPUC Energy Efficiency Policy Manual – Compendium of policy rules for implementation of energy efficiency programs

Database for Energy Efficiency Resources - CPUC adopted energy savings parameter values for common and established measures

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) – Information and Resources on CPUC EM&V


Cost Effectiveness Analysis  - Provides information on cost-effectiveness analysis for all demand-side resources

"E3" Cost Effectiveness Calculators – Computes cost-effectiveness of measures and programs

Standard Practice Manual (SPM) –Manual for determining cost effectiveness of demand-side management programs

Energy Efficiency Goals and Potential Studies - A comprehensive assessment of energy savings potential

Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council - provides a collaborative forum to exchange information on opportunities and results from Emerging Technologies activities

Links to utilities, government agencies, and other organizations working on EE

Contact Us:

Energy Efficiency Hotline: 415-703-2776

Visit the CalPhoneInfo website!