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Comments: Electric Vehicle White Paper

Thank you for your comments on the Policy and Planning Division staff white paper entitled Light-duty vehicle electrification in California: Opportunities and Barriers. The Policy and Planning Division developed this paper to help inform the direction of future CPUC actions to foster transportation electrification and support California's GHG emissions reductions goals.

The Commission Order Instituting Rulemaking on the Commission's own motion to consider alternative-fueled vehicle tariffs, infrastructure and policies to support California's greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals stipulates: "We intend to incorporate into the record for this rulemaking the recent staff white paper ... We will also incorporate comments on the May 22, 2009 staff white paper as party of the opening and reply comment process for this rulemaking.  Parties may cross-reference web-posted additional comments as needed."


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Last Modified: 10/1/2009

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