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Reports to the Legislature

This is a collection of CPUC reports to the Legislature, organized by industry, for 2014.


September 2, 2014: 2013 GO 156 Report
Appendices to the 2013 GO 156 Report

Jan. 31, 2014: Annual Report 2013 and 2014 Work-Plan



November 14, 2014: Joint Utilities' Report on the CA Energy Systems for the 21st Century

August 2014: Renewables Portfolio Standard Quarterly Report to the Legislature (Q1 2014)

June 2014: California Solar Initiative Annual Program Assessment

June 11, 2014: Report to Governor and Legislature on Actions to Limit Utility Cost and Rate Increases (SB 695, 2009)

May 12, 2014: Smart Grid 2013 Annual Report (SB 17, Chapter 327, Statutes 2009)

April 2014:  Q4 2013 Renewable Portfolio Standards Report to the Legislature

February 2014: Biennial RPS Program Update (Section 399.19 Report)

February 2014: Report to the Legislature in Compliance with Public Utilities Code Section 910

February 2014: The Padilla Report to the Legislature - Reporting 2013 Renewable Procurement Costs in Compliance with Senate Bill 836

February 2014: Q3 2013 RPS Report to the Legislature

Jan. 29, 2014:  Review of the Incentive Levels and Progress of the California Solar Initiative-Thermal Program

Jan. 9, 2014:  Annual Report on Trusts and Entities Created by the CPUC




September 30, 2014: CPUC 5th Annual DIVCA Employment Report


August 26, 2014: Annual Report of Telegraph and Telephone Corporation Employment, Investment, and Contracting in California

February 2014: Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program 2012-2013 Annual Report



September 16, 2014: Railroad Bridge Inspections Implementation Plan – CPUC Supplemental Report

July 2014: Railroad Local Safety Hazard Annual Report


Last Modified: 11/20/2014

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