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2007-08 Legislative Session

CPUC Analyses and Positions

Click on a bill number in the index below to be directed to the CPUC's analyses and position letters on the bill. We have also provided links to the text of the bills.

AB 660
AB 811
AB 873
AB 1755
AB 1763
AB 1807
AB 1845
AB 1920
AB 1973
AB 2030
AB 2136
AB 2195 
AB 2224
AB 2307
AB 2309
AB 2385                                            
AB 2404          
AB 2466          
AB 2500          
AB 2501          
AB 2674          
AB 2678          
AB 2791          
AB 2804          
AB 2820          
AB 2857          
AB 2863          
AB 2885          
AB 3058         
SB 53
SB 780
SB 1144
SB 1389
SB 1437
SB 1438
SB 1460
SB 1491
SB 1536
SB 1714
SB 1737
SB 1737
SB 1759

Assembly Bills

AB 660 (Galgiani) Railroad-highway grade separations

AB 811 (Levine) Contractual local government assessments: energy efficiency improvements

AB 873 (Davis) Public utilities: procurement: supplier diversity program

AB 1755 (Fuentes) Electricity: rates: transmission assets

AB 1763 (Blakeslee) Energy: billing information

AB 1807 (Fuentes) Renewable electric generation facilities: feed-in tariffs

AB 1845 (Duvall) Railroad-highway grade separations

AB 1920 (Huffman) Solar and wind generating resources: net metering

AB 1973 (Ruskin) Public Utilities Commission: organization and management

AB 2030 (Lieu) Energy: building standards

AB 2136 (Mendoza) Prepaid calling cards

AB 2195 (Brownley) Rail transit

AB 2224 (De La Torre) CA Clean Energy Curriculum and Training Initiative of 2008

AB 2307 (Price) Telephone services: change in telephone service provider

AB 2309 (DeSaulnier) Energy conservation: residential energy efficiency audit

AB 2385 (Ruskin) Telecommunications: mobile telephony service: release of subscriber information

AB 2404 (Salas) Energy efficiency: water efficiency programs

AB 2466 (Laird) Government energy producers

AB 2500 (Strickland) Grade separation projects

AB 2501 (Wolk) Water: planning

AB 2674 (Emmerson) Joint powers agreements: investor-owned water utilities

AB 2768 (Levine) Solar energy systems: pricing

AB 2791 (Blakeslee) Energy: Waste Heat and Carbon Emissions Reduction Act

AB 2804 (Hayashi) California Solar Initiative

AB 2820 (Huffman) Renewable energy resources

AB 2857 (Lieber) CARE program

AB 2863 (Leno) Independent solar energy producers: master meter customers

AB 2885 (De La Torre) Telecommunications: prepaid calling cards

AB 3058 (U&C) Electric power contracts: just and reasonable charges

Senate Bills

SB 53 (Ducheny) Department of Railroads

SB 780 (Wiggins) Telecommunications: extension of HCF A and B programs

SB 1144 (Cox) Telecommunications: extension of HCF A program

SB 1389 (Padilla) Public utilities: telephone corporations: acquisitions

SB 1437 (Padilla) Education technology: California Virtual Campus

SB 1438 (Padilla) Smart grid systems

SB 1460 (Wiggins) Solar energy projects: rented residential property

SB 1491 (McClintock) Electric utilities: remotely controlled devices: programmable thermostats

SB 1536 (Dutton) Electrical restructuring: Power Exchange

SB 1714 (Negrete McLeod) Renewable electric generation facilities

SB 1737 (Kehoe) Electric and gas low-emissions vehicles

SB 1737 (Steinberg) Public utilities: procurement: persons with developmental disabilities business enterprises

SB 1759 (Perata) Energy: renewable energy


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