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Annual Electric Reports and Power Plant Audits

Annual Electric Reports

ESRB Annual Report

The Electric and Communication Facility Safety Section (formerly part of the Utilities Safety and Reliability Branch) annually publishes reports to summarize its activities in promoting safety for electric distribution systems.  These reports are available for most years since 1997.  Some reports may contain both electric and gas information.


Utilities Annual GO 165 Report


G.O. 165 was adopted by the Commission on March 31, 1997, as a result of D.97-03-070, it applies to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, PacifiCorp, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, Sierra Pacific Power Company, and Southern California Edison Company.  The requirements of this order are in addition to the requirements imposed upon utilities under General Orders 95 and 128 to maintain a safe and reliable electric system.  GO 165 requires each utility to submit to the commission an annual maintenance report describing its maintenance schedule for the coming year, no later than July 1st.

Power Plant Audits

The GO 167 compliance audit program is an on-going process. Here are the completed audit reports and resolutions.



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