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Electric Safety and Reliability

The Electric Safety and Reliability Branch (ESRB) enforces CPUC rules and regulations to ensure that power plants and utility companies run a safe and reliable electric or communication system.  ESRB regularly conducts audits and inspections, investigates safety incident or system problem, and advises the CPUC on related matters.  ESRB consists of two sections: Electric Generation Safety and Reliability Section (EGSRS) which oversees generating asset owners and power plants, and Electric and Communication Facility Safety Section (ECFSS) which oversees electric and communication utility companies.  Click on the links below to find out more about the work of these sections.


ESRB Audits

Electric Utility – The goal of an electric audit is to ensure that an electric utility is following the construction, maintenance and inspection requirements outlined in GOs 95, 128 and 165.  ESRB normally conduct audits of electric utilities or, in the case of large utilities, their operational units every three or four years.  More…


Communication Infrastructure Provider (CIP) – Unlike electric utilities, CIPs are not bound by the inspection requirements outlined in GO 165. The goal of a CIP audit is to ensure all communication providers comply with the construction and maintenance requirements of GOs 95 and 128.  More…


Power Plant – The goal of a power plant audit is to ensure generating asset owners comply with GO 167 requirements to operate a power plant safely and reliably.  ESRB regularly audits several power plants per year.  More…



ESRB Reports

ESRB Annual Report  ECFSS annually publishes reports to summarize its activities in promoting safety for electric distribution systems.  More…

Utilities Annual GO 165 Report – Adopted by the Commission on March 31, 1997, as a result of D.97-03-070, GO 165 requires utility company to submit to the Commission an annual maintenance report describing its maintenance schedule.  More…

Power Plant Audit Report – EGSRS publishes reports on GO 167 audits of generating asset owners for compliance with maintenance, operations, and logbook standards.  More…

Safety Incident Investigation Report – EGSRS investigates safety incidents to ensure generating asset owners operate its plant safely and reliably.  More...


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Important Safety Information

Touching or being in close proximity to overhead or underground electric facilities could lead to serious injury or fatality.  The equipment may contain high energy that could pose a serious safety hazard.  Please follow these safety tips:

  • If you see a down power line, always assume it is energized.  Do not touch it and stay away from the area.  Call 911 or the local fire department to report the downed line. 
  • If you see a power line that is very close or in contact with any part of a tree, do not attempt to clear the tree-line contact yourself.  Stay away from the tree and call the electric utility to report the tree-line contact. 
  • If you plan to dig on your property, call Underground Service Alert (USA) to locate all underground facilities in the excavation area, including power and gas lines.  Dial 811 at least two day before the excavation starts.  More…

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