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ROSB Investigations and Inspections

ROSB Investigations and Inspections

ROSB staff evaluates railroad accidents when reported to ROSB and determine the appropriate investigative response based on accident severity criteria, including:

  • Impact to the public (e.g., evacuations, injuries)
  • Injuries to railroad employees or passengers
  • Environmental impact
  • Impact on commercial transportation (e.g., highway closures, commuter interruptions)
  • Violations of state or federal railroad safety regulations or operating rules


Staff conducts investigations of accidents. Investigators examine pertinent evidence at accident sites, including the position of derailed equipment, marks on track or ties, signs of equipment defects, and locomotive event-recorder tapes. Inspectors also interview train crews, analyze recorded radio transmissions, and observe signal test demonstrations, brake tests, and accident simulations. Once Inspectors identify a probable cause, they make recommendations to the railroad. Inspectors also evaluate the railroads’ compliance with state and federal regulations, and may recommend enforcement action.


Among other regulatory activities, ROSB Inspectors conducted the following inspections during the months of October through December 2012:


  • State General Order Inspections                    2,204
  • Track Miles Inspected                                    1,014
  • Rail Cars Inspected                                        8,229
  • Locomotives Inspected                                    431
  • Signaling Units Inspected                                268
  • Records Inspections                                       1,557

Last Modified: 1/15/2013

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