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San Bruno Incident Report

On September 9, 2010, a 30-inch diameter natural gas transmission pipeline, owned and operated by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) ruptured in San Bruno, California.  Gas escaping from the rupture ignited resulting in the loss of eight lives, injuries to 58 people, destruction of 38 homes, and damage to 70 other homes.

On Jan. 12, 2012, the CPUC voted to open a penalty consideration case (I.12-01-007) to determine whether PG&E violated the law in its natural gas pipeline operations, and if so what remedies should be imposed to ensure public safety.

In opening the penalty consideration case, the CPUC considered a report from the Consumer Protection and Safety Division that determined that PG&E violated the Public Utilities Code, several federal and state pipeline safety regulations and failed to follow accepted industry standards.

Supporting Documents

A number of sources were used to develop the Incident Report. These sources are cited within the report itself. You can find the primary documents themselves below.

CPUC Data Requests: The CPUC made a number of data requests over the course of its investigation into the San Bruno incident, and many of these data requests are cited within the report.

NTSB Data Requests: The NTSB also made numerous data requests in their own investigation into San Bruno. Those responses have been posted.

Overland Consulting: This report contains the results of a focused audit of the PG&E’s gas transmission and storage operations conducted by Overland Consulting on behalf of the CPUC.

Transcripts of Examinations Under Oath: The CPUC conducted a number of examinations under oath during its investigation.

Independent Review Panel

The CPUC formed an Independent Review Panel to investigate the San Bruno incident. The panel issued its report in June 2011.

CPUC Decisions

Miscellaneous CPUC-Published Documents

PG&E Risk Management Procedures

PG&E Miscellaneous Sources

NTSB-Published Sources

The National Transportation and Safety Board investigated in tandem with the California Public Utilities Commission the causes of the San Bruno Incident.  They published their report in August 2011.  You can find the report and the docket on their website.

The NTSB docket contains nearly all the material the NTSB acquired and used in its investigation. 

The NTSB also made specific Safety Recommendations in the wake of its investigation.

US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA)

CPUC Rebuttal Sources


Other Documents

Aug. 21, 2012: Overland Consulting Financial Analysis of PG&E Corporation



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