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Joint Inspection

San Francisco Airport (SFO) Inspection 
June 8, 2005,
10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

  • Agencies involved: PUC, SFO Police Department – Airport Bureau, SFO Landside Operations
  • Number of vehicles pulled over for inspection/interview: 88

The PUC issued 13 Misdemeanor Warnings to carriers for operating during permit suspension/revocation and for operating without charter-party authority. The PUC also issued 88 observations reports to carriers for violations of various provisions in General Order 157 (no waybill, insufficient info on waybill, vehicle markings).

The SFO police Department issued four parking violation citations (fine ranges from $25 to $50), and 20 traffic tickets for violation of SFO code (waybills, no badge ID, no permit and no current proof of insurance.


Last Modified: 2/26/2009

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