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 Insurance Requirements For Passenger Carrier Companies


Passenger Carriers are required to file evidence of one or more types of insurance coverage to secure and maintain active operating authority or registration. All carriers are required to file evidence of liability coverage. Minimum limits vary by type of carrier and other factors. Evidence of coverage is filed using a Commission-prescribed form.
Any for-hire passenger carrier that employs workers in its operation must submit evidence of workers' compensation coverage by filing either (1) a certificate of insurance (Commission Form TL-938) or (2) a certificate of consent to self-insure issued by the Department of Industrial Relations.
Refer to the table below and click on the appropriate Commission general order to learn more about liability and cargo insurance requirements. You may download any of the general orders or request a copy from the License Section at (800) 877-8867 or
Insurance companies, brokers and agents may wish to view Important Information for Insurance Providers to learn about forms and procedures to use in making insurance filings.

Passenger Stage Corporation 101 Series
Charter-Party Carrier 115 Series
Private Carrier (incl. providers of youth camp transportation) 160 Series
Vessel Common Carrier 111 Series
For-Hire Vessel 121 Series
Commercial Air Carrier (incl. hot air balloonists) 120 Series


Last Modified: 7/7/2009

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