Bioenergy Feed-in Tariff Program (SB 1122)

Updated 9/7/2017

The Bioenergy Feed-in Tariff Program or the Bioenergy Market Adjusting Tariff (BioMAT) is a feed-in tariff program for small bioenergy renewable generators less than 3 MW in size. (other small renewable generators are procured through the Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff). The BioMAT program offers up to 250 MW to eligible projects through a fixed-price standard contract to export electricity to California’s three large investor owned utilities (IOUs). Electricity generated as part of the BioMAT program counts towards the utilities’ RPS targets. Small-scale bioenergy projects can be procured in three categories:

  • Category 1: Biogas from wastewater treatment, municipal organic waste diversion, food processing, and co-digestion - 110 MW
  • Category 2: Dairy and other agricultural bioenergy - 90 MW
  • Category 3: Bioenergy using byproducts of sustainable forest management (including fuels from high hazard zones effective February 1, 2017) - 50 MW 

On December 1, 2015 the IOUs launched the BioMAT Program by accepting applications for Program Period 1 (February 1 – March 31, 2016). Program Period 7 began on February 1, 2017 as did the first monthly program period for Category 3 bioenergy including fuels from high hazard zones.

The Commission is planning a workshop on third party verification of fuel sources. The timeframe and other details are not available at this time. As information becomes available it will be submitted to the Rulemaking R.15-02-020 service list.

The capacity eligibility change per AB 1923 (Wood, 2016) has been implemented through Decision 17-08-021 issued on August 28, 2017/  The IOUs have 30 days to submit Tier 2 Advice Letters with revised tariffs and power purchase agreements.  

The Commission is currently considering implementation of the change to interconnection requirements per AB 1923 and a timeline is currently not available.  As information becomes available it will be served to the Rulemaking R.15-02-020 service list.

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