General Information

What is the CPUC?

What methods are used to determine revenues and rates?

What's the difference between the CPUC, FERC, FRA, FCC, and FHWA?

In approving construction of utility facilities, does the CPUC consider environmental impacts?

Do you have a glossary of terms?

Consumer Issues

How do I dispute the charges on my telephone or electric bill?

When can a utility ask for a deposit?

How much of a deposit can be required?

How long can a deposit be held?

What is my recourse if the utility missed a scheduled appointment?

What if I can't pay my energy, telephone or water bill or my service is disconnected?

Consumer Programs

What low-income programs have been established by the PUC?

What types of energy-savings programs are available and how do I participate?


What is Baseline?

Can you explain electric and natural gas measurements?

What is Direct Access?

Who manages California's Electricity Transmission System?

How high is California's electricity demand, and where does the power come from?

How high is California's demand for natural gas?

Whom do I contact with a safety concern?

Is there more than one rate available for my gas and/or electric service?

Can the utility hold me responsible for a bill that is not in my name?


Do all California households have phone service?

Do I have a choice of local telephone companies?

How can I get a list of phone companies that operate in California?

How can I choose a cell phone provider?

How do I dispute charges on my cellular phone bill?

Does the CPUC regulate payphones?

What is NRF?

Does the Commission Regulate VoIP?

What is Local Number Portability?

What can I do if my long distance provider was changed without my knowledge or permission?

Who is responsible for repairing my inside telephone wiring?

Is Caller ID legal?

What are the taxes and surcharges on my telephone bill?

What can you tell me about Prepaid Phone Cards?


How are water companies' revenues and rates evaluated?

Who uses water from privately owned companies?

Who do I call if my water smells or tastes bad or is discolored?

Who do regulated water companies serve?

Do I have to pay for water that was lost due to a leak in my plumbing?

Why is the service charge on my bill higher than the amount of water I used?

Why are my water rates always going up?

Rail Safety, Transportation, and Movers

How can I find information on rail accidents?

How do rail-related fatalities happen?

Does the CPUC regulate moving companies?

Does the CPUC regulate limousines or shuttle companies?

Issues concerning Mobile Home Parks

I am billed for service by the mobile home park or a contracted billing service. Whom do I call to question my bill?

Can mobile home park operators bill me whatever they want?

Can the mobile home park operator charge the park residents for repair and upgrade of the facilities?