Informal Public Workshop on 

California Customer Choice: 

An Evaluation of Regulatory Framework Options for an Evolving Electric Market


Workshop Information:

Date:                     Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Time:                     9am – 5pm

Location:               State Capitol, Room 4203; Sacramento, CA  95814



Agenda and RSVP

To view the agenda, click here: Agenda

There are limited seats available at the workshop location. Please RSVP at the following link:

For CPUC employees, the workshop will be simulcast in the Auditorium at 505 Van Ness, San Francisco, California. 



Earlier this year, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC/Commission) commenced an inquiry into the many changes occurring in California's electric sector. The May 19, 2017 en banc hearing identified risks and opportunities for California moving toward policies allowing more choices for electric service customers.

As the electric sector experiences rapid changes, the Commission formed the California Customer Choice Project (Project) to examine the issues and produce a report evaluating regulatory framework options in early 2018.  To this end, the Commission will hold an informal public workshop to gather stakeholder input on global and national electric market choice models, including California's 2020 market. Speakers will include California stakeholders and out-of-state electric market experts who will present key insights to help guide the evolution of the regulatory framework for customer choice in California.

Please see attached Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional information about the California Customer Choice Project.


Public Participation: Written comments due by November 13, 2017

There will be an opportunity for public comment by the attendees at the workshop. Following the workshop, written comments may be provided no later than November 13th and will be limited to 10 pages. The Customer Choice Project Team has provided a list of questions with this Notice. Please send your comments to


Contact Information

Feel free to contact us at for questions about the workshop or the California Customer Choice Project. If you would like to get updates about the Project going forward, email us your contact information and include "Email List" in the subject line. 


Note: Although a quorum of Commissioners, their advisors or other decision-makers may be present, no action will be taken at this event.  Pursuant to the ALJ Ruling for this workshop:  "Rule 8.1(c) of the CPUC's Rules of Practice and Procedure (Rules) states in part that an ex parte communication means a written or oral communication that "does not occur in a public hearing, workshop, or other public forum noticed by ruling or order in the proceeding, or in the record of the proceeding."  The purpose of this ruling is to provide the notice required by Rule 8.1(c) so that discussions at the October 31, 2017 workshop are not subject to the ex parte reporting requirement for the aforementioned proceedings.  Ex parte communications at the workshop are subject to all laws and Commission Rules governing the permissibility of ex parte communications."


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