California Customer Choice:  

An Evaluation of Regulatory Framework Options for an Evolving Electric Market


In 2017, the California Public Utilities Commission commenced an inquiry into the many changes occurring in California's electric sector. The May 19, 2017 en banc hearing identified risks and opportunities for California moving toward policies allowing more choices for electric service customers.

As the electric sector experiences rapid changes, the Commission formed the California Customer Choice Project to examine the issues and develop a white paper evaluating California's current market.

On May 3, 2018, the California Customer Choice Project issued its draft paper entitled, California Customer Choice: An Evaluation of Regulatory Framework Options for an Evolving Electricity Market. This draft paper is also referred to as the "Green Book." The Green Book is designed to initiate a policy conversation among a wide range of stakeholders and interests about the future of California's electricity market, rather than make specific recommendations.  Over the past year, the California Customer Choice team has reviewed the history of competition and choice in California, including the California Energy Crisis, evaluated the current regulatory construct, and analyzed selected markets to provide lessons learned for California. This draft paper will inform the next stage of the process to gather input before issuing a final paper.  California must consider how to shape this new environment in a way that continues to ensure reliable, clean, and affordable electricity for customers and equitable treatment for all market participants.

June 22, 2018 En Banc Information
Additional public comments following the En Banc may be submitted no later than July 11, 2018 

Final Green Book is underway.


 Customer Choice Action Plan Overview

At the May 10, 2018 Commission business meeting, there was discussion about the Customer Choice Project to create a roadmap for an overarching plan. The Project team, in conjunction with Energy, Legal, and ALJ Divisions will assess whether issues raised in the Draft Green Book are being examined in current Commission proceedings and perform a gap analysis to identify the issues that remain unaddressed. Stakeholder informal written comments and comments submitted at the En Banc will be utilized in this assessment. The California Choice Project Team will next develop a work plan to address the issues arising from the evolving electric market and increasing customer choices in California.

  • What is the issue?
  • Is the issue currently addressed in an existing proceeding?
  • If so, what should be done in that forum?
  • If not, what is the recommended course of action?
Progress updates will be posted on this web page. 


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