• Filing A Document Electronically (E-filing)

    Important Information:

    The Electronic Filing (E-Filing) System allows you to file documents in formal proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission from your office using a web-based application.

    The electronic filing system has been updated. Read about the changes here ... 

    NOTE: If you need to make a Transportation Insurance E-Filing, please click here.

    You can search and retrieve documents that have been electronically filed. If you are interested in following a particular proceeding or industry or type of document, check out the Commission's proceeding Subscription Service. 


    • An e-mail Account to receive communications about your filing.
    • An Internet connection. The faster your connection (DSL, cable, etc.) the better.
    • A web browser. In Windows, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome can be used.
    • For the Macintosh, Safari, Firefox or Chrome are recommended.
    • A program able to create PDF/A compliant documents. Adobe Acrobat 7.0 (or higher version) of Professional works. SCANNING DOCUMENTS IS STRONGLY DISCOURAGED! 
    • Copy of the Rules of Practice and Procedure for the e-filing rules (Rule 1.13).

    Please note that you still need to perform service of your document on the service list consistent with Rules 1.9 and 1.10 of the Rules of Practice and Procedure. You should NOT submit a paper copy to the Commission's Docket Office if you e-file. Upon acceptance of your document for e-filing, you will receive an email notifying you that it has been accepted and providing you with a link to where it is posted.