San Diego Gas & Electric Company's Sunrise Powerlink Project

(Applications A.05-12-014 and A.06-08-010)


EIR/EIS Alternatives

January 2007 Notice of Second Round of Scoping Meetings on Alternatives to the Proposed Sunrise Powerlink Project. The CPUC and BLM held a second scoping period during January and February 2007 in order to hear input on alternatives to the Sunrise Powerlink Project. The comment period ended on February 24, 2007. A second Scoping Report was prepared that documents all comments received during the second scoping period, including copies of all comment letters and transcripts of oral comments made at the February 5-9, 2007 Public Meetings on Alternatives. The Scoping Report (Part 2) is included in the document list below and copies have been placed in local document repository sites.

March 2007 Notice on Alternatives Conclusions. The CPUC/BLM Notice Regarding Conclusions on EIR/EIS Alternatives to the Proposed Sunrise Powerlink Project was mailed to everyone on the project mailing list during the week of March 19, 2007. The Notice and the seven maps referenced in it may be viewed at the links presented on the Documents Available page.

May 2007 Notice on Modified Route D Alternative. The conclusions presented in the March Notice referenced above were based on the feedback received from the public and agencies, along with research conducted by the EIR/EIS team. Following the publication of that Notice, additional input was received from the Cleveland National Forest (Forest), including Forest's request that an alternative be fully analyzed in the EIR/EIS that would not require an amendment to the Forest's 2005 Land Management Plan. As a result, portions of the Route D Alternative that were previously considered and eliminated have been combined with new route segments, and will be analyzed in the EIR/EIS. The CPUC/BLM Notice Regarding an Additional EIR/EIS Alternative to the Proposed Sunrise Powerlink Project was mailed in mid-May to announce this change.

The May Notice announced a third 30-day public comment period that ended in mid-June 2007. The comment letters that were received during May and June 2007 are available for review.

From mid-June through September 2007, the EIR/EIS Team reviewed comments on the Modified Route D Alternative and evaluated suggested route changes. Public comments were accepted into early October 2007, in order to allow concerns about this alternative to be reviewed by the EIR/EIS team. The comment letters that were received between mid-June and October 2007 are available for review


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