San Diego Gas & Electric Company's Sunrise Powerlink Project

(Applications A.05-12-014 and A.06-08-010)


Public Scoping Report, Part 1

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Notice of Availability

Scoping Report - Part 1


2. Project Scoping
  Table 1. Repository Sites
Table 2. Public Scoping Meetings
Table 3. Newspaper Advertisements
3. Scoping Comments
  Table 4. Alternatives Suggested During Scoping
4. Next Steps in EIR/EIS Process

Table 5. EIR/EIS Events and Documents

Appendix A. Notice of Intent/Notice of Preparation
A-1. Notice of Intent (NOI)
A-2. Notice of Preparation (NOP)
Figure 1. Proposed Project Overview
Figure 2. Desert Link 500 kV
Figure 3. Desert Link 500 kV - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
Figure 4A. Central Link - Proposed 500 kV at Central East Substation
Figure 4B. Central East Substation
Figure 5A. Inland Valley Link 230 kV
Figure 5B. Inland Valley Link 230 kV - Ramona
Figure 6A. Coastal Link 230 kV
Figure 6B. Coastal Link 230 kV - Segment Options
Figure 7. SDG&E Alternatives Fully Evaluated and Carried Forward
Figure 8. SDG&E Alternatives Considered and Eliminated
Appendix B. Scoping Meeting Materials and Advertisements
B-1. Newspaper Advertisements
B-2. Scoping Meeting Presentation
B-3. Scoping Meeting Materials
Appendix C. Summary of All Comments Received
C-1. Summary of Written Comments Received from Government Agencies and Special Districts
C-2. Summary of Written Comments Received from Private Organizations and Companies
C-3. Summary of Written Comments Received from Private Citizens
C-4. Summary of Oral Comments Received at Scoping Meetings
C-5. Summary of Agency Consultations
Appendix D. Comment Letters and Meeting Transcripts
D-1. Comment Letters from Government Agencies and Special Districts:

Federal Agencies: Cleveland National Forest; U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish & Game; Cleveland National Forest

State Agencies 1: State Water Resources Control Board; California Department of Transportation

State Agencies 2: California Department of Parks and Recreation (2) (5.7 MB)

County Agencies 1: Imperial County Air Pollution Control Board; San Dieguito River Valley Regional Open Space Park (Joint Powers Authority)

County Agencies 2: County of San Diego

County Agencies 3: Imperial County Planning & Development Services

Cities: City of San Diego; City of Poway

Special Districts: Imperial Irrigation District Water Department

Tribal Governments: Pala Band of Mission Indians; Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians (2)

D-2. Comment Letters from Private Organizations and Companies:

Part 1: Spangler Peak Ranch, Inc.; Santa Ysabel Ranch; Pacific Crest Trail Association; San Diego Renewable Energy Society, American Solar Energy Society; Palomar Observatory; West Chase Homeowners Association; Natural Resources Defense Council; Anza-Borrego Foundation and Institute; Community Alliance for Sensible Energy (CASE); California Overland Desert Excursions; California Native Plant Society

Part 2: Carmel Valley Community Planning Board

Part 3: West Chase Home Owners Association; The Boulevard Sponsor Group; Atma Jyoti Ashram

Part 4: Carmel Valley Neighborhood 10 North Homeowners Association (2); Poway Democratic Club; Pine Valley Community Planning Group; Border Power Plant Working Group - Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy; LS Power - Goodin, MacBride, Squeri, Ritchie & Day; Golightly Farms; Center for Biological Diversity and San Diego Chapter Sierra Club

Part 5: Mussey Grade Road Alliance

Part 6A: Rancho Peñasquitos Concerned Citizens
(4.6 MB)

Part 6B: Rancho Peñasquitos Concerned Citizens
(7.8 MB)

Part 7: Descanso Planning Group; Park Village Maintenance Assessment; California Farm Bureau Federation; Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Group; Community Alliance for Sensible Energy; Imperial County Dairy Attraction Committee

Part 8: Starlight Mountain Estates Owners
(3.3 MB)

Part 9: Imperial County Farm Bureau; California Wilderness Coalition; California State Parks Foundation; Pardee Homes; Ocotillo Wells Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy; Utility Consumer's Action Network

D-3. Comment Letters from Private Citizens:

Part 1: Alvin C. Ruppert; Joetta Mihalovich; Carol Levin; Glenn Smith; Richard & Sara Radigan; Stacey Landfield; Earl H. Gompper; 27 residents of Capistrano Beach, Encinitas, Irvine, Oceanside, Riverside, and Vista; Scott Flinn; Grazyna Krajewska; Debra Oestreich; Todd Eisenberg

Part 2: Lynda R. Motta; Rita Pinkerton; Louise Russell; Robert G. & Grace A. Clark; Peter I. & Susan D. Suranyi; Judith Withers

Part 3: Arnold Mroz; Mary Westmoreland Manseau; Kenneth & Carol Schloo-Wright; Curt Baldwin; Mary Aldern; Jerry Hughes; Dinda Evans; Elena & John Thompson; Kristen Harms; Sharon Lynch; Carol Pollock; Carolyn Dorroh; David Garmon; Kathy & Earl Pratt; Doug Westmoreland; Carrie Davis; Christine McGrath; Denis James; John & Phyllis Bremer; Mark K. Bennett; Denis James; Denis Trafecanty; Fred Jee; Gus Swiggers; Jennifer Hoggan; Juli Zerbe; Kurt Livens; Leslie Bellah; Nancy Bailey; Rebecca Falk; Sita Antel; James E. Lindemann

Part 4: Bruce MacRobbie

Part 5: Barbara Schmidt

Part 6: Jim Bell
(4.0 MB)

Part 7: Gregory Courson

Part 8: Laura Eidelson

Part 9: Marsha Johnston
(6.4 MB)

Part 10: Max Brian Siefker; Melody Herbert; Robert Nabours; Tsu Min & Pi-Lan Fuh; John Peterson; Denis James; Joan & David Shannon; John Bland; Paul & Kathy Jorgensen; William L. Medina; Donald Armentrout; Dean & Catherine Oswalt; Martin Meglasson; Gary C. Hoyt

Part 11: Michelle Earnshaw; Elsa Chambers; Laura Copic; Mike & Jennifer Vildibill; Robert & Agnes Jones; Albert & Korene Barron; Alex Hoefer; Gregory Courson

Part 12: Mike & Jennifer Vildibill; Sandra Roberts; Ken Wright; Sandra Burnaman; Andrew Sefkow; Donald Armentrout; Robert & Margaret Barelmann; Tom & Laura Mauro; Edward Huffman; Murray Burnaman; Joanne Fogel; Dwight & Cara Baker; Rebecca Falk; Email from; Sherry Kempin; Geoff Mack; Celia Lawley; Myrna Wosk; Nick Criss; Rosie Schwab; Todd Saier; Jeff Martin; Joseph Henseler; Kurt Rasmussen; Matt Way; Dennis & Adele Delgado (petition)

Part 13: Allan Leppke; Elaine Tulving; Jeff & Kim Gross; Judith Withers; Kurt LeGarde; Rajesh Robert & Joyce Dias; Jan Krogh-Haugley; Joyce Peterson; Ray Mitchell; Renata Di Battista

Part 14: Robert Staehle; Shannon Davis & William Davis, Jr.; Victor & Mary Levine; Audrie & Steven Clark; Charlie Kurth; Constance Hughes; Dayon Higgins; Eric Martin; Glenda Kimmerly; Gloria Silva; Jennifer Voss; John Oldson; Kathleen & David Rubenson; Martin Wang; Michael Voss; Peggy Hurley; Pippin Schupbach; Mike Hussey; Patrick Shaw; Lori L. Paul; Katalina Prince; Stephani Schupbach; John Raifsnider; Robert & Margaret Barelmann; Eduardo & Carmen Estitt; Barnaby Davidson

D-4. Oral Comments Received at Scoping Meetings:

Appendix E. Tribal Consultation
E-1. BLM Letters
E-2. Responses to BLM Letters
E-3. SDG&E Consultation with Tribes
E-4. Responses to SDG&E Consultation Requests

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