San Diego Gas & Electric East County Substation Project


(Application A.09-08-003)

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Pre-compliance reports, permit applications, and other documents

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MM BIO-1d Compensatory Mitigation Plan

MM BIO-1d Habitat Restoration Plan

MM BIO-3a Noxious Weeds and Invasive Species Control Plan

MM BIO-4a Dust Control Plan

MM BIO-7j Nesting Bird Management, Monitoring and Reporting Plan

MM BIO-10b Avian Protection Plan

MM-CUL-1E Management Plan for Archeological Monitoring, Post-Review Discovery and Unanticipated Effects

MM HAZ-1b and MM HAZ-4a Health and Safety Program and Safety Assessment

MM FF-1 Construction Fire Prevention Plan

MM FF-2 Wildland Fire Prevention Standard

MM FF-4 Fire Protection Plan

MM HAZ-1a and MM HAZ-1c Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan

MM HAZ-2a Sampling and Testing Plan

MM HAZ-3 Lead Sampling Report


MM HYD-1 ECO Substation SWPPP

MM-HYD-3 Water Supply Plan

MM HYD-6 Horizontal Directional Drill Contingency Plan

MM LU-1a Construction Notification Plan

MM NOI-1, MM NOI-4, and MM HAZ-4b Blasting Plan

MM Paleo-1b Paleontological Monitoring & Treatment Plan

MM TRA-1 ECO Substation Traffic Control Plan

MM VIS-3b Construction Lighting Mitigation Plan

MM VIS-3g Surface Treatment Plan

MM VIS-3h Boulevard Substation Landscape Screening Plan

MM VIS-3h ECO Substation Landscape Screening Plan

MM VIS-3m Tree Replacement Plan

MM VIS-4a Lighting Mitigation Plan

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