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San Diego Gas & Electric

Tie-Line 637 Wood-to-Steel Project

(Application No. A. 13-03-003)

Proponent's Environmental Assessment (PEA)

Click here to view the PEA for the TL 637 Wood-to-Steel Project.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 PEA Summary
Chapter 2 Proposed Project Purpose and Need
Chapter 3 Proposed Project Description
Chapter 4 Environmental Impact Assessment
Chapter 4.1 Aesthetics
Chapter 4.2 Agriculture and Forestry Resources
Chapter 4.3 Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases
Chapter 4.4 Biological Resources
Chapter 4.5 Cultural Resources
Chapter 4.6 Geology, Soils and Mineral Resources
Chapter 4.6 Geotechnical Report
Chapter 4.7 Hazards and Hazardous Materials
Chapter 4.8 Hydrology and Water Quality
Chapter 4.9 Land Use and Planning
Chapter 4.10 Noise
Chapter 4.11 Population and Housing
Chapter 4.12 Public Services
Chapter 4.13 Recreation
Chapter 4.14 Transportation and Traffic
Chapter 4.15 Utilities and Service Systems
Chapter 4.16 Cumulative Impacts
Chapter 5.0 Detailed Discussion of Significant Impacts

Acronyms and Abbreviations

List of PEA Preparers and Contributors


Click here to view the Appendices to the PEA for the TL 637 Wood-to-Steel Project.

Table of Contents

Appendix 1-A Letters of Support

Appendix 1-B Parcel and Mailing Information for Properties within 300 Feet of the Proposed Project

Appendix 1-C Existing Power Line Map

Appendix 3-A Pole Detail Table

Appendix 3-B Detailed Route Map

Appendix 3-C Typical Structure Diagrams and Photographs

Appendix 3-D Detailed Magnetic Field Management Plan

Appendix 4.3-A Emissions Spreadsheets

Appendix 4.4-A Biological Technical Report

Appendix 4.5-A Paleontological Resources Record Search

Appendix 4.7-A Regulatory Database Records

Appendix 4.7-B Cleveland National Forest Fire Plan

Appendix 4.7-C TL 637 Project Fire Plan


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