San Diego Gas & Electric Salt Creek Substation Project

(Application A.13-09-014)

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Welcome to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) website for the environmental review of the proposed San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) Salt Creek Substation Project located in southwestern San Diego County, California. SDG&E submitted an application to the CPUC on September 25, 2013 (Application A.13-09-014). The proposed project is subject to review under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and the CPUC is the CEQA Lead Agency. A CEQA review will be performed to evaluate the potential environmental impacts associated with this project. This site provides access to public documents and information relevant to the CEQA environmental review processes.


Project Meetings

Background Information on the Project

Application and Proponent's Environmental Assessment (PEA)

Data Requests

Environmental Review

Project Meetings

To find out how you can participate in the Permit to Construct Proceeding for the Salt Creek Substation Project, please register your interest by contacting the public advisor office:

Draft EIR Public Comment Meeting 

A public meeting will be held on Thursday, June 4, 2015, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the 

Montevalle Recreation Center 
Multipurpouse Hall 1
840 Duncan Ranch Road
Chula Vista, CA 91914

The purpose of the meeting will be to receive comments on the environmental document.  Comments on the Draft EIR can also be submitted by sending an email to: saltcreeksub@panoramaenv.com.

Administrative Law Judge's Prehearing Conference

The Administrative Law Judge will hold a Prehearing Conference for the Salt Creek Substation Project. When the meeting is scheduled, the date, time, and location will be posted on this website. 

Public Scoping Meeting 

A public scoping meeting to accept comments on the environmental issues to be addressed in the environmental document was held on November 21, 2013. The presentation that was presented at the meeting is available below.

Scoping Meeting Presentation (3 MB)
Scoping Report (14 MB)


SDG&E filed an application for a Permit to Construct the Salt Creek Substation Project (project) with the CPUC. The proposed project consists of the following components:

  • Construction of a new 120 MVA 69/12 kilovolt (kV) distribution substation in the City of Chula Vista 
  • Construction and operation of a new 69kV single circuit powerline, approximately 5 miles in length, running between the proposed Salt Creek Substation and the existing Miguel Substation
  • Construction and operation of an underground loop-in of the 69kV powerline to the proposed Salt Creek Substation
  • Installation of a new 69kV powerline position at the existing Miguel Substation to connect the new powerline

The proposed substation site and the majority of the proposed powerline are located in the City of Chula Vista. Approximately 1 mile of the northernmost portion of the powerline is located in unincorporated San Diego County.

The proposed project is needed to serve the rapidly growing communities of Otay Ranch and Eastlake, and the  foreseeable future development of currenlty undeveloped land in the eastern portion of the City of Chula Vista.

Application and Proponent's Environmental Assessment (PEA)

On September 25, 2013, SDG&E submitted an Application for a Permit to Construct, including a proponent's environmental assessment (PEA) for the Salt Creek Substation Project and is available here. The PEA is a starting point for the independent environmental review process conducted by the CPUC. 

SDG&E's Application and PEA were deemed complete by the CPUC on May 19, 2014.

Data Requests

The CPUC Environmental  Review Team submitted data requests to the applicant for specific information to support the environmental review process. Those requests and the applicant's responses are published below. 

Preliminary Data RequestResponse #1A and Response #1B

Deficiency Report #1Response to Deficiency Report (SDG&E Response #2); Response #2 Attachments

Data Request #1; Repsonse to Data Request (SDG&E Response #3), Response #3 Attachments

Data Request #2 and Response (SDG&E Response #4)

Deficiency Report #2 and Response (SDG&E Response #5)

SDG&E Data Response #6

SDG&E Data Response #7

SDG&E Data Response #8

SDG&E Data Response #9

SDG&E Data Response #10 - Confidential Non-Public Information

SDG&E Data Response #11

SDG&E Data Response #12 - Confidential Non-Public Information

SDG&E Data Response #13 - Confidential Non-Public Information

SDG&E Data Response #14

SDG&E Data Response #16

SDG&E Data Response #17

SDG&E Data Response #18

SDG&E Data Response #19: Part 1, Part 2Part 3 (Part 3 Attachments),  Part 4 

SDG&E Data Response #20: Part 1 (Part 1 Attachments),  Part 2, Part 3 (Part 3 Attachments), Part 4 (Part 4 Attachments), Part 5 (Part 5 Attachments), Part 6 (Part 6 Attachment; Revised Attachments)

SDG&E Data Response #21 and Supplemental Response

In addition to data requests by the CPUC, SDG&E has provided new biological surveys conducted in 2014 for Coastal California Gnatcatcher, Western Burrowing Owl, Least Bell's Vireo, and Rare Plants. The surveys can be found here.

Environmental Review

Draft Environmental Impact Report

The CPUC has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in compliance with CEQA. The Notice of Availability and the Draft EIR are available to view below. 

Public Comment

The Draft EIR will be available for a 45-day public comment period beginning May 15, 2015, and ending June 29, 2015.  The public may present comments and concerns regarding the project and adequacy of the Draft EIR. Verbal and written comments will be accepted at the public meeting on June 4, 2015.  Written comments on the Draft EIR can also be submitted to:

SDG&E Salt Creek Substation Project c/o Panorama Environmental, Inc. One Embarcadero Center, Suite 740 San Francisco, CA 94111
(650) 373-1211

Written comments must be postmarked by June 29, 2015.

Project Status

Project Milestones - as of April 23, 2015
Milestone Date*
Application deemed complete by CPUC May 19, 2014
Publication of Notice of Preparation August 15, 2014
Publication of Draft EIR May 15, 2015
Public Comment Period on Draft EIR (45 Days) May 15, 2015 - June 29, 2015
Publication of Final EIR Anticipated August 2015
CPUC Decision Anticipated November 2015
Start of Construction Anticipated 1st Quarter of 2016
Estimated End of Construction Anticipated 3rd Quarter of 2017

* Note: All anticipated dates are approximate and subject to change.

Notice of Preparation and Scoping Period

Issuance of a CEQA Notice of Preparation (NOP) is the first step in the EIR Process. This document provides a description of the proposed project and potential alternatives, as well as information regarding the scoping process. The NOP was published on August 15, 2014.  Click here to view the NOP.

The CPUC accepted comments on the scope of the Draft EIR during the 30-day scoping period. The scoping period ended September 15, 2014. 

Scoping Report

A scoping report has been prepared to describe the CEQA scoping process and to document all comments received on the Salt Creek Substation Project. Click the link below to access the Scoping Report.

Scoping Report

For Additional Information

To request additional information or to be added to the mailing list, please contact us by email, fax, or phone as follows:

Project email: saltcreeksub@panoramaenv.com
Project phone: (650) 373-1200 ext. 103
Project fax: (650) 373-1211

The CPUC's project manager is:

Connie Chen, CPUC Project Manager
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco CA 94102
Tel. (415) 703-2168

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