How to Register as a CTA

Public Utilities Code Chapter 4.7 requires each CTA to register with the CPUC and sets forth the requirements.  If you are a Core Transport Agent as defined by P.U. Code Section 980(b), and are conducting business in California but have not yet registered with the Commission please follow the instructions below to do so.

  1. Execute a UDC-CTA Service Agreement with each Utility Distribution Company in whose service territory you plan to offer service.
  2. Complete and return CTA Registration Application Form, including separate signed Section 981(a)11 statement as described in the Notice section.
  3. Provide Fingerprints as prescribed for required personnel.
  4. Submit a copy of your Section 986 Notice of Terms and Conditions as described in the CTA Registration Application Form.
  5. US mail a cashier's check for $100 to the address listed on the Registration Application Form.  Check should be made out to "State of California Public Utilities Commission".

All submissions can be sent electronically to unless otherwise specified.


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