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General Order 128


Section II


Definitions of Terms as Used in These Rule

20.2       Cable means an insulated conductor or a combination of insulated conductors, and/or a fiber or group of fibers.


A.       Buried Cable means a suitably insulated cable installed directly in the earth (not in conduit or duct).


B.       Fiber Optic Cable means a transparent fiber or group of fibers used to transmit light for communication purposes.


C.       Dielectric Fiber Optic Cable Facility means a fiber optic cable which contains no internal or external components capable of conducting electricity.  A Dielectric Fiber Optic Cable Facility does not include splice closures.


Note:     Revised November 6, 1992 by Resolution SU–15 ,October 9, 1996 by Resolution SU–40 and January 13, 2006 by Decision No. 05-01-030.