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General Order 165


1.    The General Order attached to this decision as Appendix A is adopted.

2.    The findings, conclusions, and discussion of Decision 96-11-021 are incorporated into this decision by reference to the extent applicable.

3.    Respondent utilities shall file implementation plans for inspections no later than July 1, 1997. Further, no later than August 1, respondent utilities shall file proposed standards for operation, reliability, and safety during emergencies and disasters. Parties may file comments on those proposals no later than September 15, 1997.

4.    The State's municipal and publicly-owned electric utilities, which are respondents to this rulemaking, shall file comments no later than August 1, 1997, regarding the extent to which they should be subject to the rules adopted herein. Parties may file responsive comments no later than September 15, 1997.

This order is effective today.

Dated March 31, 1997, at San Francisco, California.