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General Order 165

VI.    Applicability to Municipal and Publicly-owned Utilities
We herein seek the comments of municipal and publicly-owned utilities regarding the extent to which the rules we adopt herein should apply to them. We direct them to file comments no later than August 1, 1997, and will address the matter in subsequent order.

Findings of Fact

  The inspection cycles set forth in Appendix A reflect industry practice and the comments of the active parties to this proceeding.

2.    The General Order attached as Appendix A is promulgated to promote electric utility distribution system safety and high-quality electric service.

Conclusions of Law

    The Commission should adopt the General Order attached as Appendix A.

2.    PU Code Section 314 (a) permits Commission staff to inspect utility records at any time.

3.    Future modifications to the rules set forth in Appendix A should be accomplished in this rulemaking proceeding.

4.    The findings, conclusions, and discussion in D.96-11-021 should be incorporated into this decision by reference to the extent applicable.