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General Order 95


Section III


Requirements for All Lines


38    Minimum Clearances of Wires from Other Wires


The minimum vertical, horizontal or radial clearances of wires from other wires shall not be less than the values given in Table 2 and are based on a temperature of 60° F. and no wind. Conductors may be deadended at the crossarm or have reduced clearances at points of transposition, and shall not be held in violation of Table 2, Cases 8–15 , inclusive.


The clearances in Table 2 shall in no case be reduced more than 10 percent because of temperature and loading as specified in Rule 43 or because of a difference in size or design of the supporting pins, hardware or insulators. All clearances of less than 5 inches shall be applied between surfaces, and clearances of 5 inches or more shall be applied to the center lines of such items.


Note:    Revised May 22, 1990 by Resolution No. SU–5.